A friendly neighbourhoodin Kabaty

Consistent with the latest urban planning trends, we are reverting back to the most fundamental of human needs.

This is especially true within the context of Kabaty, which already is a local, friendly, familiar, casual and green neighbourhood. Our project will strengthen these aspects and create a place where they will all come together as one. Bonding the whole area and positively influencing it.

What will it be like?

It will ideally complement Kabaty and become the inherent centre of the district, carefully planned based on the results of an in-depth analysis of local needs and requirements, while being pertinent to the surrounding area – the immediate localities, the forest and ultimately the whole district.

Inspired to care about all aspects of everyday life, thanks to which this part of the city will become a harmonious place to live, work and rest.



because it has been planned to serve the needs of the local community and to create a place where one feels right at home.

A completely self-sufficient micro-district, congregating the residents from the vicinity around new amenities, while additionally, giving room for growth – for large as well as smaller, local family-run businesses.



as it has been designed from a purely human perspective and adapted to ordinary life.

An intimate, diverse complex of buildings, with harmonious proportions, surrounded by lush greenery and plenty of public spaces, corresponding effortlessly with the surrounding district. Natural daylight will be in abundance thanks to the excellent building distribution density.



it will grant unrestricted movement, be it on foot, with a pram or in a wheel-chair.

The district will be completely closed to motorized traffic, while being very open for pedestrians and cyclists, and of course, fully integrated into the existing network of pedestrian walkways and cycle routes.



because it will be comprehensively integrated with the existing public transport system, and the generous network of cycle routes.

It will be ideally linked to the rest of the city, via the bus-station, cycle routes, and the close proximity of the Kabaty underground station, which will significantly decrease time spent on the daily commute. The spacious underground parking, will provide an additional benefit for the environment.



because it will be free from obstacles, it will be welcoming and harmoniously reaching out to the immediate neighbourhood.

The various zones will link together effortlessly thanks to the open and glazed areas on the ground-floors. The integrating style of the architecture from that what is on the inside (terraces, marquees, a glazed roof), to that what is outside, will permit time to be pleasantly spent, no matter the weather or time of year.



because it will be predominantly made up of green areas that are fully open to the public, it is essentially a new park in the area.

Meticulously planned, with sweeping lawns to be freely made use of, as well as trees, foliage, plants, flowers and aquatic elements, all together will create an exceptional mesoclimate, and a wonderful area to meet up in with friends, go for walks or simply take a breather.



because it will combine a whole host of practical amenities, such as; varied entertainment options, recreation, work, shopping, arts & cultural events and out-of-home dining.

Everything one expects from a city will be readily available and on the spot. Private, commercial and public areas will coexist here in harmony, and individual amenities will be situated at various points and at different levels throughout. Together, they will be able to readily satisfy the expectations of locals, nearby residents, and those who will simply pop-in on their way.

More information about architecture and functions will be available soon.
Last autumn, we presented an initial architectural concept and visualizations. We are currently developing the project and adapting it to local needs in particular, as well as to new reality shaped by the pandemic.



In accordance with Echo Investments’ philosophy


Nicklas Lindberg President of the Board, Echo Investment

Respect for the locality, a holistic approach and openness are the signposts we follow when thinking about this place.

Because only as an important and necessary entity within the local community will it have a good impact on the surrounding area.

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