From a humanperspective


Jarek Czapski Design Department Director, Echo Investment

Modern urban design is a design from the perspective of the inhabitants.

We are inspired by what has worked in human habitats for centuries; small scales, a structure of open, logical pedestrian routes, markets that focus activity and encourage social interaction, green spaces giving a breath of fresh air. We are therefore seeking such solutions.


A place embedded into the surroundings

The area will be open to its surrounding. The green areas will fill up the space in between the buildings, creating new places for recreation and meetings for residents.


An urban space

A new frontage will be built all along KEN Avenue and Wąwozowa Street. Commercial and public amenities will abound and connect with the underground, creating a unique focal point for the entire area.


A place for pedestrians and bicycles

A friendly, quiet and calm mobility area will be created. Cars and parking areas will be moved underground.


Houses above the park

Residential buildings raised above ground level on pillars. So that the existing square can link seamlessly with the new garden.

A place for life


Marcin MOSTAFA Founder, WWAA

Paying particular attention to the quality of architecture on a local scale generates a good quality of life throughout the city.

This project is seeking context in what is local and has the ambition to become a natural, local centre – with all the necessary amenities, and well connected to the surrounding area.