A place well-plannedwith your participation in mind


A place well-plannedwith your participation in mind

A series of conversations, meetings
and workshops for residents

We are inviting the local community of Kabaty
to a series of Neighbourhood Talks –
to discuss, meet and take part in workshops
with the participation of social researchers
and specialists in the field of public space design.

This activity is planned to create a platform for linking
and exchanging knowledge: both local and expert.
It will enable one to get to know the needs of Kabaty
and respond to them as accurately as possible.

What will wetalk about?

Areas of dialogue

The residents of the area will be able to submit their needs, express their opinions on ideas, and together with the experts, search for the optimum solutions
in the following areas:


of public spaces


Offer and functionality
of the complex


The place’s identity