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Nicklas Lindberg President of the Board, Echo Investment

Each generation has its own idea of what makes a good city. But while trends change, human needs remain timeless;

Life balance. The proximity of places delivering amenities necessary on a daily basis. Easy access to transportation and an overall freedom of movement. A safe environment and contact with nature. All of this in a space that allows a sense of belonging, because it is our home, street, housing estate.

This is the place we want to build. This is a goal for us and our partners, our common vision and commitment.

Versatilitydeveloped over the years

We have gained our knowledge from the experience of over two decades of co-creating urban spaces.

Deep in-market knowledge, a constant observation of its changes and a vision in planning mean that our activities have a solid foundation and are often way ahead of just trends. We respect history, local traditions and the environment, and we approach each project responsibly.

The variety of our competences and the unique scale of our experience in building places to live, work, shop and rest make the places we create change the faces of Polish cities.

City-forming, inspirational and close to people – projects that define us.


Browary WarszawskieJEMS Architekci

A new, multi-functional micro-quarter, in the heart of the capital, at a place where one of the largest and oldest Polish breweries developed for 170 years.

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A harmonious combination of restored buildings and modern architecture. A combination of places to live, work and spend free time, creating a unique whole, where the city will come alive again.

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FuzjaMedusa Group, MOFO Architekci

A new chapter in the historic center of Łódź - a combination of post-industrial tradition with everything that is the essence of a modern, friendly city.

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Full of contrasts, inspiring space with a unique atmosphere, where next to a dozen historic buildings modern buildings will be built, forming together a multifunctional urban complex.

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Headquarters in Warsaw:

Jana Pawła II 22
00-133 Warsaw, PL

+48 22 4 300 300 warszawa@echo.com.pl
Head Office:

Solidarności 36
25-323 Kielce, PL

+48 41 3 333 333 kielce@echo.com.pl

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We kindly invite members of the local community, future users and residents, to share their ideas, opinions and suggestions. Please send us a message, and let us know what is important to you within Kabaty.